Along the Gulf of Corinth, below Delphi, there is the town of Galaxidi, a place of great antiquity in Fokida, lying 30 kilometres from Delphi, 45 kilometres from Arachova, 210 kilometres from Athens, and 75 nautical miles from Piraeus. A well-sheltered small bay, Galaxidi has influenced the surrounding towns as a strong maritime power.

Galaxidi was the first Greek harbour with famous shipyards and nautical fame beyond Greece. Many ship owners from all over Greece came to the shipyards of Galaxidi, not only to build their ships, but also to recruit captains and crew from Galaxidi, who were known for their honesty, hard work, and marine abilities.

The maritime city

In this pleasant harbour of Galaxidi, tradition is still very evident along the quay, amid the seafood tavernas and boat yards, where self-taught craftsmen still build sturdy wooden caiques. Remains of the day are the elegant neoclassical houses one encounters when walking the paved streets of Galaxidi, such as the building of the Customs House, the Girls School, City Hall and at the Koukonas the school named by Kapodistrias.

Galaxidi sites

It is also worth visiting the Maritime Museum of Galaxidi with exhibits dating from Prehistory and spanning the history of the town. Next you can visit the church of St. Nicolas and take note of the wood carved iconostasis. In the church of St. Paraskevi note the floor decorated with Zodiac Circle as well as the sundial outside the church. In your walks you will encounter numerous beautiful squares like Iroon and Hirolaka where you will the Museum of Greek traditional items.

Routes from Galaxidi

3 kilometres outside Galaxidi in an amazing landscape stands the Byzantine Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ, built in 1250 by Michael Komninos. Other than enjoying walks along the beach front the wooded area of Pera Panta, excursions to destinations close by like Delphi, the fishing village of Eratini or the ski centre of Mountain Parnassus can give a special note to your stay.

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